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Friday, August 28, 2009

Pretty Poms!!

Curtsyland has been crowded the past several days! Danielle, the captain, son Josh & myself have been crowded into the back room with our capable trainer Craig, learning the operation of our new Baurdan Embroidery/Monogramming Machine. Our heads are crammed full of information and we've even been able to produce some very cool sample pieces (pictures to follow next week). We'll soon be ready to offer personalization or monogramming on many of the items in Curtsyland.

If you've been in the store during the past month, you are sure to have noticed the giant Pom Poms that Danielle created to add color to some of our displays. We have been inundated with requests to sell them!! As you know that our main goal in life is to make our customers happy, we are now ready to do just that. They come in 3 sizes and are available to hang from the ceiling or mount on the wall, in a variety of colors and patterns.

It's the end of summer and even though they won't admit it, the kids are beginning to get bored. If you've got plans for that one last trip to the cabin, or camping before school, you may want to take along something to get their mind back into gear. Animated Origami will help them make birds with flapping wings, frogs that hop, teeth that chatter! A fluttering butterfly and a cleverly folded sycamore seed that spins through the air! This set contains 120 sheets of brightly coloured origami paper and a full-colour 24 page book with detailed folding instructions for 10 models. You might even find yourself having as much fun as the kids with this little box of coolness.


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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