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Friday, July 24, 2009

Seafair's coming! Reading about all the activities of the next week has put me in a nautical frame of mind. I think I'm going to grab one of the Sailor Jerry Anchor Bandannas and walk up to the Torchlight Parade tomorrow night. It's only a couple of streets away from where I live and I've never experienced it before.

I've heard about the infamous Seafair Pirates and their antics. So I thought it would be fitting to throw some pirate booty into today's blog. I loves me this Crossbones Beer Mug ...arrrr! It come in it's own treasure chest to insure it stays safe from the rest of the crew.

I imagine that the captains berth in a pirate ship has some finely crafted tables to hold his bounty. Even the tough guys would probably want to keep the wood nice by using this cool Skull & Crossbones Coaster. What, you don't think pillagers like nice things too? OK - quit your laughin matey - jet lag has taken over me brain this afternoon!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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