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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hard Cards

Hope you all had a divine Seafair weekend! Seeing as my tan is still peeling from too many days of baking during our Potholes trip....I was not quite ready for more drinking in the sun on a boat. The Captain and I set out on Sunday to see about getting my new tattoo fixed :( You brother and I got the itch while in Paris to get some tattoo souvenirs before leaving. We sought out one of the few tattoo parlors open on our last day, Bastille Day. The artist, Rico, didn't speak much English, but we were able to communicate enough by drawing out what we wanted. We gave him a few hours to prepare the artwork & supplies. I was going to get two little tattoos....however I wasn't head over heels for his art skillz when we returned....Rico was not, in fact, suave. I decided to just get a little heart on my finger.

Now I must confess I am a bit of an obsessive compulsive hand washer (especially when in other countries)...but for a good three days I tried to keep a band-aid & vaseline on it to protect it during the day. After about five days, the top of one side looked different. Upon closer little black heart was straight up scabbing & falling off. The remnants of my heart from Rico in Paris will soon be repaired by the experts at Slave to the Needle.

A fantastic card line arrived today....Hard Cards. They fit right in in Curtsyland's world o' witty, sardonic, fabulous, damn funny cards. A few favorites below:

You're cute as a button....but who'd wanna fuck a button?

Congrats on the new baby! I look forward to corrupting it.

Ho Ho Ho. This is not a holiday card. This is a warning that you should tone down the promiscuity.

Curtsy Bella
Curtsy Bella
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