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Monday, July 27, 2009

EEK! The Boss is Back!

If any of you have ever wondered who's the real boss here at Curtsyland, it's Danielle. It's because of her attention to detail (and her creative genius) that the store always looks so wonderful each time you visit. After we returned from our 2 week trek through Europe, she had one day in town (I wouldn't let her come in to the store on that day) and then took off for another week to go on an annual camping trip with the Captain and his family. She's due! She worked so much overtime last summer when my mom was ill and never once complained. I have spent the week trying to dig out my desk from the mounds of paperwork that piled up when I was gone and doing all of our second quarter tax reports - in other words, big, big fun! What I haven't been doing is spending much time cleaning, so today, it's been crank up the music, dance a bit (makes cleaning much more fun) and try to make the store at least presentable when she returns tomorrow.

I tell you, jet lag absolutely KILLED me last week. I'm normally an early riser, but I was waking up every morning at 3AM, wide awake and ready to go. By 8:30 at night, I can't keep my eyes open! Thank god for my Mary Green Sleep Mask. It has made it so much easier to fall asleep when the sun is still up. I think that finally today, I'm over the hump.

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This Saturday August, 1st, we'll be donating 10% of our sales to the Children's Hospital Guild Smiles for Marin Rose. This guild concentrates on helping to fund uncompensated care at the hospital. Please come out and help us support the important work they do. We'll be serving up some sparkling, cold, libations to help you cool off.
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