Adventures in Curtsyland!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I've had an awesome week! On Tuesday I was invited to drive over to Eastern Washington and go fly fishing on the Yakima River. I used to absolutely LOVE to fly fish (Curtsy Mama has many interesting, quirky layers) and haven't been able to do any since starting the store. I actually caught 8 fish...impressed? Don't be - the biggest one was 5"! Doesn't matter - I got to spend the day out in some beautiful country on the water - and my tan looks fabulous as well.

Are you a good witch? Of course you are! Tell the world with the new Good Witch Cameo from Tarina Tarantino. We also received the matching sparkly Good Witch Cameo with Aurora Bubble Beads (they look like the bubble she floats around in!)

You know us Curtsy Girls - always changing and re-arranging Curtsyland to keep things interesting. We're getting ready to head off to the New York International Gift Show next week and we have to make room for the oodles of new goodies that we'll be ordering. We've been quite busy with the red pen this afternoon, marking sale prices on lots of frilly things - come in and check it out!

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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