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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was catching up on some book work last week and realized that the bank had made a $9,000 error in our favor. Several (back in March)months ago I had transferred some money from our credit line to our checking account and I realized that while they had transferred the money to our checking account, they never posted it to our credit line. Being a big believer in Karma (it makes me really, really honest)I had to point it out to them. You know they didn't even bother to say thanks, or send me a thank you fruit cake for catching their error? Oh well, c'est la vie!

One of the Curtsy Girls has a birthday this week and it's not me! Danielle is celebrating her B-day on Saturday, the day we fly to New York for the gift show. I think we're going to have her wear this tiara to the airport, so maybe they'll give us a free upgrade to 1st class. After all, maybe a wee bit of good karma is headed our way - right?

Just arrived, the most divine, funnest collection of Glam Girl Glasses. Just think of how very fabulous and fancy you can look while sporting a pair of these. We are especially fond of the ones that have the rose colored lenses - it really does make everything look so much better!

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