Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glad to be back at Curtsyland today!

After the long trek back from Europe, I got only two (rather sleepless) nights in our bed before the Captain and I were off to our annual Potholes camping trip. We so look forward to this trip, and the Captain's sister & brother-in-law go all out to make it amazing & memorable. We always do a dress-up theme night. The first year we went, we did Talladega Nights. Last year was just general costumes...we were the pregger kids from Juno, there was also Pam & Kid Rock in attendance, as well as Marge & Homer Simpson. This year, in addition to white trash theme night, we all needed to play Olympians in the official 1st annual Potholes Beach Beer Olympics...

The games were supposed to take place on Saturday. However...the Olympians proved very talented at drinking mass amounts of yucca juice, and we never made it to the opening ceremonies. Not much worries us when at Potholes, so the Olympics were postponed until Sunday morning when said Olympians were semi-sober, and we jumped in our white trash garb after the medal ceremony. Us ladies left most of the beer drinking events to the men....we had to compete in the bedazzled formal swimwear competition! I went with an ocean theme...I made a bikini top out of two rubber crabs that I glittered & jeweled. My bottoms were ocean blue with glitter sand lining the top, adorned with sparkly sea shells, a jeweled octopus, and glittered jellyfish & seaweed hanging off my hips. My jeweled crabs won me the title of Ms Potholes 2009!!

New goodies from Tokyomilk arrived while we were away! Divine bottles of bubble bath are a new addition to the line. Each bottle has one of the gorgeous images that Tokyomilk has come to be known for printed on the inside of the back label, so it appears magnetized in the bottle. We also received some new flavors of the bon bon lip balms. I love the Honey Blossom!



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