Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sooooooo over winter! The Captain & I spent the weekend up in Vancouver courtesy of my sweet-as-a-cupcake Curtsy Mama. We had oodles of fun......I shopped and shopped (having the captain with me was like having my own currency converting calculator at all times!)....and walked all over Yaletown on Sunday. The weather was beautiful....a bit chilly still but clear beautiful skies. I called the store on our way across the border and heard it had been snowing all day! Ew. If I also hadn't heard that we received some fancy new candles in that I couldn't wait to put out I do believe we would have turned right around and stayed 'til it was done being cold in Seattle.

Anyways.....about those candles that kept me on the path towards Curtsyland. Our new Icon Candles by Primal Elements are a collection of onyx glass candles with jeweled icons on them. Each come in a matching gift box with the same jeweled symbol on the front. The icons we received include a crown, a lightning bolt, a skull & crossbones, a heart, a peace sign, a star, & a fleur de lis. All the jewels are clear except the heart is red (and perfect for La La Love Day.)

Also from Primal Elements, a jeweled Happy Birthday wish candle. This candle has two wicks set in pink smells-so-good wax with the jeweled wish set on clear glass. It also comes with a matching gift box.



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