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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've spent the day working on year end tax reports. I believe they're called tax reports as they are meant to tax one's patience! A bright spot in this otherwise trying day was the arrival of a new bunch of cards from oplusd. Ok, their cards do tend to brandish the F word rather freely, but they're funny as hell and pretty to boot!

Danielle spent the day re-arranging lots of the jewelry in the store and displaying it in our antique thread chest. The chest holds a special place in my heart as for many years it actually held thread in my Grandfather's store, Shoemakers, in Napoleon, Ohio. He took over running the store from his father and uncle and the thread chest was in there during their time as well. I worked for him one summer and have fond memories of helping customers find just the right color of thread for their sewing project by looking through it's many drawers. When he retired and closed the store, the chest went to my mom who several years later asked me if I wanted it. When we were getting ready to move it, I found an old, old copy of Cosmo hidden in the bottom drawer - probably one of the sales girls had it stashed there.

I just love this Queen Mom Pin. It's the perfect Valentine gift for the woman who has been there for you through it all. When you scraped you knee, had a fight with your best friend, when someone broke your heart, cheering you on through all your crazy phases. She's quite a woman, isn't she - don't forget to tell her that often!


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