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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hiya Strangers!

My goodness it has been awhile!! Curtsy Mama and I have been off mixing business with pleasure. We flew to Vegas last week to attend four different trade shows taking place during the same week. We got a deal on rooms at the Wynn....we highly recommend staying there next time you jet off to sin city....gorgeous hotel & gorgeous rooms & you get a personalized key with your name on it. ;) Anyways...Curtsy Mama, myself and my brother flew down a day early. Our babysitter/nanny from when we were growing up in Arizona flew up to spend the night with us....whom we haven't seen in about five years! We all had an absolute blast. We got tickets to see Cirque du Soleil Love that night....of course it was amazing....can never go wrong with Cirque du Soleil. Our nanny had to fly home the next day, so Curtsy Mama and I got down to business. It seemed every hotel we walked through had some kind of trade show or convention going on. We shopped & shopped & shopped and found some fabulous new lines for Curtsyland.

Once we arrived home after Vegas...we had a day to spend some time at the store before jetting off to Olympia for the much anticipated 60th Birthday celebration weekend for the Captain's Mom. I am pretty sure she started talking party plans soon after I met her about two and half years ago! And all the planning absolutely paid was a wonderful, eventful weekend with oodles of wonderful people. The Captain has five sisters...each of whom have at least two kids....the Birthday Girl has a total of 19 grandkids, 1 great-grandkid!! The weekend was full of family games, pedicure & massage appointments for the ladies, shooting & go-carting for the fellas....and a fancy formal shindig Saturday night. And even though we are back home now...we have more family fun to look forward to! Eleven of us are all going to see Teatro ZinZanni on Wednesday night....uber excited as I have always wanted see it.

Our divine Curtsy Girls Pamela & Heather took care of Curtsyland while we were away. We kept receiving reports that the baby department was being raided season is officially here....babies popping out everywhere! Thankfully a new baby line we ordered while in Cali arrived today to help fill in the holes. Baby Eileen is now supplying Curtsyland with darling new onesies. My favorite is the Class of 2025 Homecoming Queen...sometimes you just know when little ones are destined for royalty ;) I also adore the His Majesty onesie for little has a very handsome bulldog wearing a king's crown. And for the sure-to-be-a-fashionista....the Queen of Couture shall suit her beautifully.



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