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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Glitter Goodness

Most customers are aware of my obsession with glitter after a single visit to Curtsyland. I do believe almost everything looks better with glitter. So understandable that I started jumping up & down this morning when Mr. UPS brought us our first Deux Lux shipment. Deux Lux is a wonderful accessories company. Most of the items we picked to bring in this holiday are part of their glitter collection!!! We received the Crystal Glitter Wallet in oodles of sparkly is the perfect size to use as a wallet or a little out-on-the-town clutch. The snap closure has a big jewel, and the interior has card slots & a zipper compartment. The material makes me think of the booths or chairs in a 50's diner.....or the seats of a roller coaster....not sure either of those descriptions will help you to visualize how pretty they are! In the same glitter material, we received little snap closure business card cases, and little zip-around square coin pouches.

Some super cute wine glasses arrived today as well. Great for girlfriend gifts....the feature a vintage looking pic of a gal on one side and a sassy quote on the other: "Friends don't let friends wine alone"..."If you don't have anything nice to say, sit by me!"....and "Life's too short to drink cheap wine."



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