Adventures in Curtsyland!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I recently moved the same complex as Curtsy Mama, although we are in different buildings. She was out walking the Snick dog one night and came across a sign for the Bad Kitty Book Club that meets at Arundel Bookstore on 1st & Madison. She mentioned it to me, thinking it might be a fun way to meet some new friends downtown. I looked them up and was tickled with the description..."The Bad Kitties are a group of fun-loving younger Seattle-area women with razor wits, a taste for frosty beverages, leopard-skin attire and designer handbags... oh, and they read. Yes, really."

I rushed in to sign up and find out what book they were reading, when the next meeting was, etc. So my first time attending was last night. At this particular lieu of having a normal book club selection they asked everyone to bring a copy of page 13 from a favorite book. All the pages were then posted on the wall and we had to try and guess as many as we could. I was very excited & confident going into this challenge. My confidence started to dwindle when I had read five of them and had no guesses. Out of fifteen....I got two right....and we were allowed to fill in our own selection.;-) I didn't feel too bad as the winner only got four was hard! But the first place winner got a $30 Sephora and the runner up received a gift certificate to Parfumerie Nasreen (which is right next door & I have heard wonderful things!) Anyways, after the challenge we headed out for drinks. It was a blast....check the kitties out here if you want more info.

We received oodles of perfect girlfriend gifts in today from Mariasch Studios. I adore the doorknocker pillows. They come with an assortment of trims (like pom-poms!) and ribbons that they hang from. Curtsy Mama and I were of course drawn to the Shoe Lover favorite has a quote by Cinderella..."One shoe can change your life." Another one sure to fly out of here reads "Not diamonds but heel's are a girls best friend." We also got a good assortment of Parisian inspired ones. All of our Francophile customers-after-our-own-hearts will love the one that says "Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never be elegant."

Also from Mariasch Studios, lots of wonderful snarky dishtowels arrived. I giggle every time I read the one that says "I don't exercise. If God wanted me to bend over, he'd have put diamonds on the floor."



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