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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

So many adorable presents arriving for the new little humans in your life! I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of those faux mink coats that Curtsy Mama told you about yesterday....they are amazing! The coats come in Classic Mink or Cream Couture....we have booties & bibs to match both coats and some in Luxe Leopard (my fav!). We are all stocked up again on the bling-a-licious binkie clips by Designs by Nickole. She started making adorable new styles for little boys....little sherrif badges, cowboy boots or footballs. Also back in stock this winter...Designs by Nickole's bling mitten clips! These are so sparkly and totally essential for wee snow bunnies...otherwise you may spend a fortune replacing all the mittens that get burried in the snow.

We received a new shipment of sparklies in from Mirror Mirror on the Wall. We just started carrying this line about two weeks ago and already had to do a reorder! We have oodles of new necklaces & brooches & rings & earrings...all make great affordable girlfriend gifts. I love the "Life is Good" pendant and the "Queen Mom" brooch.



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