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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Pink seemed to be the color of the day on this beautiful Thursday. The Pink Passion Hostess Apron is the perfect accessory for the holidays. Think of how absolutely smashing you'll look serving Thanksgiving dinner to your guests. Not cooking? It makes a truly unique hostess gift. In fact the hostess is liable to slip you an extra slice of pie to show her appreciation - SCORE!

Robert is the owner of Inside Out Window Washing and he keeps the glass of Curtsyland sparkling on a monthly basis. He was in this morning and I was asking him how the recent economic downturns had affected his business. He told me he didn't believe in letting the current state of affairs affect him and so therefore it hadn't! Wow, what a cool way to look at things. Want to have the same rosy outlook? Try slipping your business cards into the Roses Card Case by Acme Studios. Who knows, it may alter your perspective which will help you to achieve a rosier outcome.
Pink Sequined Shoe Ornament. What's not to love?

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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