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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

We had a leaky roof at Curtsyland today ;-( Soggy paper towels filled the counter where our beautiful Tarina jewels usually sparkle. It made me grumpy all day!! We are in the thick of that oh-so-fun time of the year between Halloween and the holidays where we are receiving so much UPS everyday that we can't walk in the back room. And not being able to walk in the back room means that making Halloween go away and turning Curtsyland into Christmasland is a difficult task. However, every time we open a new box fulls of goodies, we get giddy with excitement and all our worries go away. So you can imagine how our spirits were instantly lifted when we unpacked our new holiday cards from the folks at Uncooked. Now many may not think of Thanksgiving as a card giving included......which is exactly the reason we loved the Uncooked Thanksgiving card. It reads "i think it's so stupid that i'm giving you a card for thanksgiving. but i almost think you're even stupider for taking it."

Some highlights from the Uncooked Holiday collection include one that says "it brings me such joy to see everyone sharing in the holiday spirit. just yesterday i almost gave a homeless man one of my meatballs." I also love "snowflakes probably wouldn't be as lovely if they were shaped like prostitutes."

We also received a new shipment of holiday cards from Cerebral Itch. My fav reads "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better watch out...." on the front, and the interior reads "Santa hates pussies." hee hee! Anyways.....our selection of single and boxed holiday cards is wonderful this year and they are all out on the sales floor ready for you to snatch up. The rest of the store is another story;-)



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