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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Red & white & sweet all over...

It's always a tough transition from Halloween to the holidays at Curtsyland....but we certainly have been finding ourselves in the holiday spirit. We were swamped yesterday and today with lovelies getting a jump on their holiday shopping...certainly helped get us in the mood as well. We are always on the lookout for great gifts for all ages. This year, we are loving the holiday Lollipop Onesies for the new humans in your life. These treats come from the designers at The Baby Bunch....which are fabulous bunches of baby clothes made to look like a bunch of flowers. Their new Lollipops contain a red & white striped onesie sized 0-6 months...rolled up to look uber sweet. It makes a fabulous package topper or a fabulous festive gift all on its own.

If the Lollipop onesies don't quite hit your sweet tooth....our edible Candy Cane Shot Glasses are sure to. We couldn't keep these in stock last Christmas. Each box contains a set of two edible, peppermint flavor candy cane shot glasses. We had a ton of hostesses stock up on these last year to use as dessert cups at their holiday shindigs. Love that idea! Fill each cup with a some vanilla ice cream, top with chocolate sprinkles & a cherry and you have an inexpensive, super festive holiday treat!



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