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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Piece of History

Danielle made the absolute coolest discovery at a downtown antique store last week. She came across an original copy of the Mother Stork's Baby Book. It's been 100 years since the Dodge Publishing Company first introduced this unique, classic and timeless baby book. The 104 page updated version includes the original illustrations by Albertine Randall Wheelan and quotes by well known poets of the day. It's broken up into 50 different categories to help the new parents chronicle those cherished early days.

The copy that Danielle found is for James Hoge Sullivan, born on January 18, 1921 to James Colbert Sullivan & Mary Louise Hoge Sullivan at Virginia Mason Hospital! Mrs. Sullivan was a wonderful record keeper. She included all of the cards of congratulations she received and detailed lists of gifts, which were many. She chronicled many of her son's firsts such "Baby's First Creeping" (love the wording on that one). This couple was obviously well loved in the Seattle area. There are some great photos of the proud parents, even a lock a Baby Hoge's hair.

Nest time you're in, you've got to spend a few minutes being transported back in time looking at this wonderful treasure. If anyone out there knows Mr. Sullivan, let him know we've got his baby book.

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Mary Jo


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