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Friday, October 3, 2008

Back on Track

It's been a hectic month for me. After my mom passed away in Florida, we had to take her up to Cleveland to be buried beside my dad. She was very clear that she wanted absolutely no funeral, so it was just my brother and myself there to say a final goodbye. I have just returned from that trip and am ready for some normalcy to come back onto my life. Thanks so much to all of our wonderful customers for all of your support during this difficult time. Danielle, once again, covered everything here at Curtsyland, doing both her job and mine and I just can't thank her enough.

It was great to walk in and see some pretty new sets from Honeydew. We really love these cami & panty sets as they are so pretty and feminine and come in luscious fall color combinations. Add to that the fact that they are so comfortable, these tend to fly out the door as soon as they come in.

If someone in your life is celebrating a milestone of some type, a birthday, a job promotion, an engagement or maybe a breakup (sometimes those are to be celebrated), make them feel extra special with the Celebrate Crown from F G & CO. With space on the inside of the crown to record the specifics of the celebration, these are really fun keepsakes to give.

Our newest Customer of the Month is Jill Deasy. She is just such a warm, wonderful person and we absolutely love chatting with her when she comes into the store. Jill is the one who originally told us about the Mama Gena books, which we sell out of as fast as we get them in. Jill will receive a $50 gift card and 10% off all regular priced merchandise for the month. Want to be a Curtsylicious Customer of the Month? All you have to do is chat with us when you come in, and make sure we have your e-mail address.

Don't forget about the Curtsylicious Recipe Exchange Party scheduled for next Wednesday, October 8th from 6:30 - 8:00 PM. Loads of fun, sparkling libations, great recipes and people.


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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