Adventures in Curtsyland!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


My goodness we have been terrible about blogging this sorry! Curtsy Mama needed to be out of town this week (and you know that I don't function properly without my partner in crime), and we had Mommy Mixer take place in Curtsyland last night.

Anyhooooo......we received Halloween party crackers in today! J'Adore Crackers!!! It is a tradition in my family to have holiday crackers at each place setting for Christmas dinner. Once we have sufficiently stuffed ourselves....we all take one end of our cracker in hand, cross our arms and grab the opposite end of our neighbor's cracker. There is usually a countdown.....then everyone pulls their arms and the crackers CRACK! Inside you usually find a fabulously bright colored paper crown....which we insist everyone puts on for a group pic.....a little toy & a joke or fortune. So you can imagine how excited Curtsy Mama & I were to find crackers made for holidays other than Christmas!!!! The Halloween crackers come in boxes of 8 and we have them in two different styles. One box has a mixture of shiny black & gold crackers adorned with spiders & black cats. The other box has an assortment of four, purple & orange with skeletons, haunted houses & spider webs. And the mini surprise inside is Halloween related....a skull or coffin key chain, a big hairy spider, a squiggly snake......perfect addition to any Spooky Fete!



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