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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh what a day....

So much to report...and no energy to report it! Today did not go as planned. I was hoping to start getting Halloween goodies out. I will be getting a few new pieces of furniture at Curtsyland arriving on Saturday and have big plans for them being included in Halloween displays. So I had it all planned out how I was going to get everything else out apart from the things that will go with the new furniture. However when I arrived in the morning.....our front computer....the one we ring all sales up on....had a black monitor even though it was turned on. So I got our computer guy on the phone asap and he thought it sounded like we had a burned out monitor bulb. So while he is trying to track down the part we need all day.....I am having to hand write all the sales....and of course it was busy all day (no complaints about that though!) THEN.......our fabulous UPS man brought us waaaaayyyyy to many giganto boxes! I barely had room to start unpacking them with all the Halloween merch in the back room. A few boxes arrived from a particular company that we ordered lots of Halloween & Christmas items from. Only about half of the Halloween items had arrived before I was anxiously awaiting the rest. Three big boxes from that company came and they contained......Christmas things. Of course.

So that is how my Wednesday went! It is killing Curtsy Mama to be away from Curtsyland even though she is back in town. She is moving on Saturday....and thus has only two more days to pack up everything!!! Anyways.....I will update you on all the goodness I hopefully will get around to unpacking tomorrow. What doesn't kill you....makes you sparkle more, right?!??!



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