Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Home Curtsy Mama

Oooh all the goodies we are receiving at Curtsyland for Halloween! I am still awaiting a few key shipments but will start putting some stuff out tomorrow. Curtsy Mama is home now......I was soooo happy to see her today! And the Snick dog was ridiculously excited to be back at Curtsyland....and he had a surprise waiting for him. I asked Curtsy Mama a few weeks ago what Snickers was going to be for Halloween. She said he was going to be Super Dog again. I promptly replied that he can not be Super Dog again....that would be uber un-exciting. So I bought him a new costume. He is going to look f'ing amazing this Halloween. He will be dressed up as an animal I have always longed for.....any guesses??!? Stop by on Halloween to find out!

A few books I didn't mention yesterday that also arrived with the Assouline shipment.....the Music Game Book and Poker - The Ultimate Book. The Music Game Book is amazing....a fourth addition to Assouline's popular Game Book series....we always sell out of it very quickly. It contains an assortment of games, puzzles, trivia & clever, short essays all based on twentieth century music history. The Poker book contains all you've ever wanted to know about the most practiced table sport in the world.......including its history, legends, and psychology; the cheating, money, casinos, rules and tournaments; movies and championships; the Internet; a dictionary of terms; and much more.



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