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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun & Games

The weather's turning a bit cooler, but you, clever one, know how to keep things HOT! The Lace Scandal Babydoll from Lucy B is sure to light the furnace of that someone special. Curtsyland has it in this sizzling fuchsia color or in pure as the driven snow white. Also new from Lucy B are some fabulous lace trimmed leopard panties - very ooh la la!

Anyone who's been in a relationship, knows that it takes some work to keep things exciting in the boudoir. Sexy lingerie is great, but for an added bit of fun, try the new Sex Scratchers Lottery Tickets. Every card is a guaranteed winner, for someone. Nice to give, even nicer to receive. With 100 tickets in each book, perhaps you can take turns, I mean really, isn't that what relationships are all about.....give and take?

REMINDER: Wednesday, October 1st is the next Mommy Mixer. Longing for a night out? Can't remember the last time you had a date with your significant other? Come to Mommy Mixer to meet a bunch of reliable Seattle area sitters eager to help. To attend, you must register at their website

REMINDER: The Curtsylicious Recipe Exchange will be held Wednesday, October 8th from 6:30PM - 8:00PM. Bring copies of your favorite recipe to the store to share, if you want to make a sample of the recipe to bring, we're not gonna stop you! We'll have our favorite recipes as well as some of Curtsy Grandma's favorites along with sparkling libations. We'd appreciate an e-mail to if you think you're going to join us.


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