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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Partners in Celebrating

Hope everyone had a fab holiday weekend!! Curtsy Mama kept Curtsyland open yesterday and it ended up being a busy day for her. The Captain and I however, had the day off and were bored most of the day as everywhere we tried to go that we thought would be open was in fact not. We ended up at the store hanging shelves in our new little sale niche. We received new Tarina Tarantino fall catalogs today......LOVE!!! I put oodles of Tarina jewels on sale today to make way for the new goodies.....hurry in before they get snatched up.

We received fun new party props in today from the fabulous peeps at Party Partners who are actually based just downtown in Seattle.....we love to support other Seattle bred companies! One of my favorite things they make are their party picks....they can be used on cakes & hors d' drinks....anything you fancy! Most of them have an accordion part that folds out and they come in tons of styles for all sorts of occasions. We received adorable ballerina picks that would be great for a tiny dancer party....birthday cakes perfect for guys or gals of any age....and fancy bride & groom picks fab for a bridal shower. We also received lots of Halloween goodies from Party Partners....I am getting soooooo excited to get all our amazing Halloween goodness out. Still feels a bit early but I will let you know as soon as I do.

Also from Party Partners.....the cutest Itty-Bitty Birthday Banner! It measures only 1.75" tall...21" long. Perfect for celebrations in those itty-bitty dorm rooms.....or to stick in with a card for someone far away that you can't be with to celebrate!



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