Adventures in Curtsyland!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ohh my bones... Curtsy Grandma is not doing well. I am glad that my mom is able to be there right now. She made it through hip surgery yesterday...but stopped breathing this morning. They were able to resuscitate her and she is now in is yet to be determined if there is any permanent damage caused by whatever happened. Please send lots of Curtsy love and get well thoughts their way.

Every minute I wasn't with a customer this past Sunday....I was in the back room glittering some bones to use in the windows for Halloween. I have skulls & feet & random leg & arm divine to decay away in glitter!!! ;-) a big box full of already glittered bones arrived. Bones that we ordered back in February and I completely forgot about. I immediately posted a large mental sticky note to my brain to get better at reviewing the pending orders!! Anyways.....the bones that just arrived are for you lovelies to be creative with as you see fit. My bones will be hanging in the window sparkling in the afternoon sun.

We also received a couple of things that had been backordered from our recent Papaya shipment. Some aaaahhhhhmazing Halloween greeting cards arrived.....which I can't wait to put out! We also got a wonderful 2009 Weekly Planner. It features an accordion pocket and note pages....and gorgeous full-color interior pages. Puts me in the mood to get organized.



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