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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bon Voyage

I have to make this a quick blog tonight......apologies! As Curtsy Mama mentioned...she made her way to Florida this morning to be with my grandma. I got a call that my gram made it through surgery ok....they put pins in her hip....but she was still sleeping when my mom got there. Will keep you all updated on her recovery.

Just about to jet off to a Bon Voyage party. My brother's best friend recently found himself free from the restraints of a job....and decided to take advantage of his new found freedom and travel the world. I am uber jealous! He is off to travel around southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand.....and will be gone for about five months. As we are all wanting to live vicariously through him and make sure we hear about every detail of his travels.....we wrapped up the leather World Travel Journal from Graphic Image for him to take along in his back pack. The journal has a total of 320 pages......80 full-color maps and 240 journal writing & editorial pages.



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