Adventures in Curtsyland!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Offensive + Delightful

Apologies for sans blog head & heart are in Florida with my mom. Our Curtsy Grandma suffered a massive stroke after her hip surgery. She is now in the Hospice center of the hospital....they are keeping her comfortable which is most important right now.

I have to run to Portland tomorrow to meet with some of our reps....Curtsy Girl SarahRose will be watching over Curtsyland. We received oodles & oodles of boxes from UPS today....most of it being Halloween & holiday goodies. We did receive a huge shipment of new OplusD cards......all perfectly Offensive & Delightful as always. My fav new birthday card reads "OMFG!! If you're going to insist on looking this good....we might have to kill you. Happy Birthday Good-Looking!" And a few that could be used for oh-so-many occasions....."Bad Ass Motherfucker"....and "you're a fucking rock star."

We also received some fun new drink stirrers. For our rock star, aqua, & black guitar stirrers. And for those with a loaded finger......revolver stirrers in silver. I had a customer buy a ton of them today and was planning on tying them on the top of presents....cute idea! And to complement your new decked out cocktail napkins that read "Martinis.... they're not just for breakfast anymore."



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