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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mommy Mixer!!!

It was just confirmed that Seattle's next Mommy Mixer will be taking place at Curtsyland on Wednesday October 1st from 7 - 8:30pm!!! The fabulous gals at Mommy Mixer are back in action just in time for the new school year and upcoming holiday season.....ready to connect you with fab babysitters. If you are not already familiar with the wonderful service that Mommy Mixer provides to busy families.....they hold mixers at which moms and babysitters have the opportunity to meet and interact face to face before deciding if they're a great fit. Each mixer begins with the sitters briefly introducing themselves and their background in sitting/childcare....then the moms take a turn to introduce themselves and explain what they are looking for, number & ages of their kids, etc. Then everyone gets to mingle! Moms leave armed with The Babysitter Book - which is chock full of babysitters resumes', contact info & photos.....babysitters leave with jobs possibly already lined up and the prospect of extra shoe $$$!!! You can register to attend on Mommy Mixer's sure to sign up ASAP if you are interested in attending.....they fill up uber fast and have to close it often!!!

Yesterday I attended the International Retail Design Conference which just by luck was taking place in Seattle this year......they hold it in a different city every year. I had an absolute blast and left with oodles & oodles of ideas and inspiration for the future of Curtsyland! Most of the day I had the opportunity to listen to the wisdom of experts who have been in the wonderful world of retail forever.....but I also got to participate in the the Iron Merchant Challenge which is a timed visual merchandising competition. They split everyone into teams, gave a basic theme from which you had to find inspiration, supplied each team with a wire "cage" that served as our store window, and a table of random things & supplies in which to build your window. It was absolute chaos!!! I believe in previous years they limited the teams to five creative peeps.....this year they wanted everyone to participate so the teams were each about 15 people strong. As I am sure you can imagine.....trying to get 15 bull-headed, creative visual merchandisers to decide on one idea and execute it within 30 laughable. Somehow most of the other teams pulled it off but the team I was on produced something resembling a car crash. They event was well documented so as soon I can track down some pics I will share!



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