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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My goodness it has been FOREVER since I have blogged! The dreaded 25th birthday has come & gone and my family & friends made it absolutely amazing for me. My dad & step mom surprised me by coming into town for my mom & grandma surprised me with two extra days in NY to shop with bday $$$....and my BFF surprised me by showing up in NY to celebrate with me! I have always prided myself on being able to figure out surprises....but I had no idea about any of these!!!

The orders we placed in NY are already starting to roll in! We received lots of new goodies from Papaya panel prints, envelope sets, greeting cards, & a calendar. Papaya's art panel prints are amazing & addictive. The designs are gorgeous...they all are accented with glitter mounted on a sturdy backing strung with ribbon...have dimensions of 12"x16"....and they are only $20 each....too good to pass up! Our customers buy them obsessively - constantly adding to their collection...they look amazing all hung together collage style. My fav new design reads "Trouble Makers Rock".....couldn't agree more. I also love "Ya Freak" which we have had on a greeting card before but is new to the art panel prints.

The envelope sets include 6 envelopes with matching ruffle die cut note inserts. The envelopes are full color with a clever area for addressing them for post. Think I may steal some to write thank you notes on! We also received a gorgeous year-at-a-glance calendar in the style of the art board sparkles with glitter and hangs from a matching ribbon!



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