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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lucky Dog

Curtsy Dog Snickers and I were out for our walk this morning and he absolutely refused to take our normal path. I relented, figuring that his leg was bothering him. We turn off of the path and begin to head back to my apartment, when he finds the doggie equivalent of $100 bill on the ground. A piece of bacon! Not just a little piece, but a full size strip. Before I could stop him, he gobbled it down and spent the next 5 minutes absolutely INSURING that his patron saint had not dropped anymore manna from heaven. Do you think he could smell it from all the way around the corner? Maybe he just trusted his intuition that if he headed to the left this morning, something lucky was going to happen. I think we pretty much make our own luck, and many times I'll slip a couple of these little " Lucky Tokens" into a friend's gift to remind them that they're in charge of their own destiny.

Speaking of being in charge of things, we just received in these fabulously girlie alternatives to wine charms. Glass Slips by Lush Life are a fun way to keep every one's Cabernet straight. Since they slip on the bottom of the wine glass stem, they're also protect your furniture from those nasty rings.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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