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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old Tom Foolery

Four days until the Gossip Girl season premiere....five days until the 90210 premiere.....eight days until New York Fashion weeks begins......soooooo much to look forward to!!! In the lovely land of Curtsy...something we have uber been looking forward to receiving is the new card line Old Tom Foolery. Designed by a husband & wife team that were "having a tough time finding cards that were a) funny, b) letterpressed (they’re both suckers for a deep impression), and c) not so dainty as to make her question his masculinity." They set out to design their own witty letterpress cards that would appeal to both sexes.....the result is the fabulous Footnotes Collection*.

Each card features a standard greeting printed on the center front....with a footnote not to be missed at the bottom of the card. An example of a Happy Birthday! card...footnote reads "*Today we celebrate your escape from the solitary confinement of your mother's maximum-security uterus." My fav wedding card reads "Til death do you part*" across the front.....footnote of "*Or 'til monogamy gets boring." Tee hee....perfect fit in our Curtsy Land of Slightly Twisted Cards!



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