Adventures in Curtsyland!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Today started out stupid....I was just having one of those mornings where every silly little thing was going wrong and annoying me. Anyways....while carrying on with my morning routine at Curtsyland, I hear pounding on the door at about 10:45. It was the UPS man....I totally forgot to unlock the door. Great for business. The day definitely picked up once customers were able to get in.

Quick update on new goodies tonight....the Captain and I still don't have internet at our new place and I always get so wrapped up in playing store and leave myself 15 to blog ;-( We received uber stylish cake servers today. They look just like a high heel shoe! There are three styles...leopard, zebra, and black...and each come in a matching gift box. The heel part is magnetic - so you can remove it when serving.

We also are all stocked up again on pacifiers. I swear I tie one of these pacifiers on the top of every baby gift I wrap! They are too cute and a perfect little something extra to add to a gift. The most popular styles are Bad to the Bone, Rock Star, Princess & Prince Charming. A few new styles arrived.....Whine Connoisseur & Mommas Boy.

Don't forget to save the date for our F'ing Ridiculous Sale.....F'ing Ridiculous savings on an F'ing Ridiculous amount of goodies! The sale will take place in the vacant space in our building - June 19th - 22nd.



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