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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Luscious Leopard Love

Today was the best day Tarina Taratino handbag arrived!!!! It was absolute head-over-heels love at first sight. I sent the Captain a pic immediately and told him he should be worried....the new love of my life is leopard trimmed in bronze leather with a giant jeweled tooth ;-) We don't keep any TT handbags stocked at Curtsyland....we have the full line sheets here for you to choose your new love from and then we special order it for you. I thought I better take one for team Curtsy & our cherished customers and make sure these handbags are really as fabulous as they appear in the catalog. SarahRose and I are taking it out on the town tonight....I will report tomorrow on its first outing. I think we will have a lovely life together.

Today was also an accident prone day at Curtsyland. I had a customer accidentally break a mirror used for when customers try on jewelry. No one was hurt and I wasn't attached to the mirror at all....but I am terribly worried she may have bad luck coming her way ;-( Then I broke a glass dish in the stock room.....a little piece of glass flew up and cut my leg and tore a hole in my brand new, first-time-wearing $18 tights. And of course I don't have time to run home before going out tonight. Luckily the tights are footless.....I was able to put a Hello Kitty band-aid on the wound, then I put some black electrical tape over that so you can't really tell there is a hole. I am counting on my handbag demanding all the attention anyway.

A new shipment of The Box Girls arrived today....we can't keep them in stock! We received The Family Dinner Box of Questions, Girls Night Out Box of Questions, Slumber Party Box of Questions, and Sex Box of Questions. Each box contains 52 cards that will create great conversations. The Sex Box of Questions has been an absolute hit for Bachelorette parties......and I was cleaned out of the Girls Night version for all of the Sex and the City parties that were happening last weekend.



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