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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Tarina!!!!

We received our first spring shipment of new Tarina Tarantino jewels in today!! We have trained our UPS man to announce what goodies he is delivering as soon as he heads in the door. This happened after months of us shouting "What did you bring us??!?!!! upon first glimpse of the brown uniform entering Curtsyland. He now tells us what he has and waits for the appropriate response....obviously jumping up and down & clapping for goodies we have been anxiously awaiting....or pouty lips & boos if it is something stinky like office supplies. Well today....we had a different UPS man who wasn't aware of his extra job duties while delivering to the Curtsy Girls. While signing the little electronic thing, I caught a glimpse that the sender was Tarina Tarantino and began my usual celebration. I think I scared him a bit.....but I guarantee Curtsyland was his most exciting delivery of the day.

Sarahrose came in for a few hours this afternoon to watch the store while Curtsy Mama and I enjoyed lunch at Elliot's with some family in town for the day. So unfortunately I haven't had a chance to unpack all of the new sparkle....but sooooooo looking forward to tomorrow now!! The few things I have gotten to drool over so far are absolutely wonderful & fabulous & perfect adornments for your spring and summer wardrobe. We received a pair of earrings from the Bibarucci collection, which is inspired by two of fashion's favorite icons....Elio Fiourucci and Barbara Hulanicki, creator of the Biba label in the 1960's. Tarina had the opportunity to meet and spend time with both of them while developing this collection, which utilizes lots of animal print, safari-style influences, and sweet winged cherubs. The earrings are giant crystal-studded lucite "teeth" hanging on a chain from a bow on Swarovski crystal posts. Obsessed with these.

I instantly fell for another pair of earrings upon laying eyes on them....the fine detail on them is amazing & the catalog did not do them justice. They are large lucite filigree circle drop & pink with a carved lucite rose in the center. We will definitely tell you about all the other TT goodness that arrived once we get it all unpacked tomorrow. Have sweet Tarina dreams 'til then.....


P.S. Curtsy Mama has decided to stay open normal business hours on Memorial day. Our Monday hours are 10-6pm.

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