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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr. & Mrs.

The Captain & I attended a wedding down in Portland this past weekend....a girlfriend I grew up with in Arizona got married to a wonderful guy (I don't know him very well but have an uber good feeling....and he looks like Matt Damon...never hurts ;-)). They are now off in St. John (jealous!) hopefully enjoying an fabulous honeymoon. Anyways....arriving three days too late....we received the cutest Mr. & Mrs. travel accessories that I would have loved to send them off with.

Part of the amazing Mindy Weiss wedding collection....the set of two passport cases include a travel journal inside each and spaces to keep cards & other paperwork. The set of two luggage tags perfectly coordinate with the passport cases allowing you to look oh-so-chic jetting from country to country. And I imagine strolling through airports with Mr. & Mrs. accessories could only help in getting an upgrade to the honeymoon suite!

I had a customer today who wanted to buy her husband one of the Mysterio Predicts baby t-shirts for Father's Day. buy the tee in a cute bag that is sewn closed so you don't know what Mysterio will predict for your child's future until you pull the string. (These are always a hit at baby showers) She wanted the specific one that was on display....Mafia her husband is an accountant. I was happy to oblige...although kinda sad to give up my Mafia Accountant unborn-child's future. You see......the first one I opened to put on display, Mysterio predicted I would have a Donut Tycoon. I am not a donut lover (would have supported him/her no matter what....but secretly wanted a Criminal Mastermind or a Monkey Wrangler) was more than happy when a customer wanted to buy the Donut Tycoon tee...which in turn led to my little Mafia Accountant. Well guess what Mysterio predicts my third child will be?!? Another f'ing Donut Tycoon!!! Stupid Mysterio.



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