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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Itty Bitty Accessories for the Lush

The Curtsy Girls need some help! We are looking for two fabulous, divine, fun, responsible, hard-working girly-girls to help us out for a few days during our sale.....which from here on out I will refer to as our F'ing Ridiculous Sale ('cuz there is an f'ing ridiculous amount of goodies at f'ing ridiculous prices!) Curtsy Mama mentioned....our landlord is letting us set up shop in the vacant spot in our building. We need some helpers to make sure customers find where the sale is...escort them back to Curtsyland when they are done shopping the sale and ready to pay....and just generally provide extra hands as we are expecting lots of peeps to come out for it! The sale runs from Thursday June 19th - 22nd...if you anticipate being bored once school is out and want to help....please email us at!

I have always been a shoe whore....but today we received something that may change all that. The Purse Party by Lolita is a set that includes a purse-sized mini 4oz flask and a matching 1oz mini-tini glass. It comes with a velveteen pouch to carry them in and are packaged in a purse shaped gift box. Now that my handbag can be outfitted with itty bitty bar fun....I feel myself converting to a bag whore as the day goes on.

Also from Lolita...we received fabulous hand-painted "I Love my Wine" glasses, "I Love my Martini" glasses, and cocktail shakers. Each glass has a theme....we received martini glasses for the shopaholic in your life - adorned with shoes & handbags galore. One is titled "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" and is decorated with jeweled timepieces all tuned to that magic cocktail time. One is perfect for that millionaire we all know.....decked out with Rolls Royces, pimpin' gold watches, and major bling. If you know a wine connoisseur who also happens to be a princess....we have a glass embellished with tiaras and diamond necklaces & earrings. Each Lolita glass has a drink recipe painted on the bottom meant to please that shopaholic, princess, or millionaire with whom it was painted for in mind.



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