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Friday, May 30, 2008

Drop Dead Funny Fred

More fun from Fred & Friends arrived today. My fav is a set of 8 pens guaranteed to leave an impression. Titled Borrow my Pen?, the idea was inspired by all those annoying pens that end up in your purse, pocket, or overloading your pencil cup promoting Joe’s Garage or Nancy’s House of Insurance. The sick minds at Fred are now providing you with some advertising gems to hand out to your friends, your parole officer, your boss, etc. Example...."Springfield Sexual Addiction Center - From PERV to PERFECT in as little as 10 days. Curbing your enthusiasm since 1998.".

Something I am taking home to the Captain right away.....To-Do Tattoos. Actually....they would more appropriate for him if they read "Don't Leave the House Without!" as he forgets his cell/wallet/keys/whatever ALL THE TIME. But no matter.....anything to help his shoddy short-term memory. The set includes 12 graphic “To Do” forms that you can apply to your body wherever it’s most convenient (or creative) and a skin-safe, washable-ink gel pen.

Also just arrived....the 2-Carat Cup in gold or platinum. Sure to make you feel uber fancy and extremely loved during your morning cup of caffeine, it adorns you with a sparkling solitaire diamond ring when you pick it up. And even comes packaged in an elegant oversize jewelry box where upon initial opening - all you see is the ring. How excited will a gal get to find out she didn't get a diamond ring...but a coffee cup. ;-) (I am going to take a wild guess and assume that a MAN with a very twisted sense of humor designed this one.)

Last but not least....a new version of the famous Pick Your Nose party cups......Pick Your Nose: Party Animals! Drinking from these cups at your next shindig will surely release the inner beast in all of your guests. Each package includes 24 cups in 6 assorted animal styles.



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