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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?

Today started out absolutely terribly.....I realized one of my very indoor kitties had escaped to the scary outdoors ;-( We have posted signs all over the neighborhood and posted it on Craigslist. Our new place is in the Maple Leaf area....102nd & Roosevelt. If you happen to live in that area.....her name is Juliet....she is all black and built very tiny...and she has a quiet meow. (A friend recently remarked to us that her meow sounded broken ;-)) She has literally never been outside....I bought jeweled harnesses & leashes for the kitties once 'cuz I thought it would be fabulous to walk my cats. They shot that idea down very quickly. I am trying to have happy thoughts of her enjoying some fun adventures of frolicking with field mice (not bopping them on the head....I raised her better than that) before making her way home. But I am an absolute mess without her. My other kitty Romeo is very much missing his girlfriend too.....he is just very good at acting strong 'cuz he was happily prancing around the apartment this morning looking forward to some extra breakfast.

So in between sniffles today I was able to check in our new goodies from Mudpuppy, who makes fabulous children's toys, games & gifts. My favorite thing that arrived today is the Let's Go Shopping puzzle....surprise surprise ;-).....never too early to teach them how to be a good contributor to the economy. It is a 63 piece puzzle and comes in an adorable canister with a rope handle. We also received this puzzle with a Mighty Dinosaurs! theme for the boys. I also adore the Princess Magnetic Dress-up Dolls. This set contains 4 background scenes, 3 pages of magnets, & 1 magnetic princess......allowing you to mix and match outfits as you become royalty!

Also just arrived....Ahoy Pirates! Play Scene. Mudpuppy's Sticker Set Play Scenes have 50 reusable vinyl stickers to arrange and rearrange for ever-changing adventure. The background boards (9 x 12" closed) contain exciting play scenes and fold up just like a book with a cool handle to carry them everywhere. In addition to the Pirates Play Scene...we received Fun and Dance and Very Funny Faces Mini Play Scene.

Most of Mudpuppy's products are educational in addition to being fun & super cute. They make Learning Wheels which you rotate to align the die cut windows and reveal the information beneath. We received the All about Languages Learning Wheel which teaches kids basic words in four languages....Spanish, French, German, and Italian....and the All About Dinosaurs Learning Wheel.


P.S. We just received word that it looks like the Mommy Mixer scheduled to take place in Curtsyland tomorrow night is being postponed until next Wednesday - June 4th due to unforseen circumstances. Check Mommy Mixer's website for details!


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