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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Give Someone a Lift!

In these days of e-mail and text messages, sending cards and letters through the mail is becoming a thing of the past. I had a couple of rough days this past week - nothing I want to bore you with, but I was feeling a little blue. On Friday, the mailman came and in the midst of the catalogs and bills was a card addressed to me. It was from a friend who knew I was struggling to smile. What a difference this simple gesture made! The mere fact that she had taken the time to pick out a card, write a few sentences to let me know she cared, meant the world to me. It made me remember that with your friends and family you can get through whatever life throws in your face. Be that someone this week!! Buy a card, write a few lines, spend the big bucks on a stamp. You could turn someone's day around like my friend Megan turned mine around! The card shown above is one of my favorites - Antoinette from the card company Papaya. The words on the front say "Every Woman is a Rebel" - yeah baby!

Look at this little cutie! Piper and her mom came into the store yesterday and mom fell in love with one of our new baby Balerina Onesies. Even though this is supposed to be a dress for 0-3 months, Piper's fashion forward mom figured out that it made a hip toddler top with jeans! You can see Piper asking Snicker's his opinion on the outfit - what you can't see is when he gave it 2 paws up!

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  • At February 26, 2008 at 9:18 AM , Anonymous Tammy Fort said...

    great posting! Love the picture! Piper thanks you for her brush with the red carpet...she will be back to wander aimlessly around the store and shop hysterically very soon. Look out, she'll probably bring her big sister who believes she should be a card holder by the age of 4 and is the instigator of all baby shopping and shenanigans illicit...


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