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Saturday, February 16, 2008

In the Pink

Seems like we've gotten a lot of girly, pink items in the store this week. No surprize there, we do love girly, glitzy and pink! The Baby Flower Tutu just arrived and we're smitten!! A scrumptious, glittery flower decorates the front of each skirt. They come in 4 yummy colors and 2 sizes and are sure to be the star of any baby shower. These snippets of tulle took me back to when Danielle was 4 and I started her in ballet - something to help her overcome her mother's lack of coordination and grace. In the spring, it was time for "dance pictures" and while attempting to curl her hair, I burned her with the curling iron! Not a big burn, not a first degree job or anything, just a little burn. God, what a bad mommy! She never let me touch her hair again........however since her hair is so thick and takes forever to dry, I think I came out on the winning end of that deal :)

Who doesn't want to be Princess for a Day? Make sure that all the world knows it's someone's special day with our new tiara. Even though these are targeted for the junior set, I have a feeling we'll be seeing these pop up on the heads of college and high school cuties all over the city.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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