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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Time, Time, Tickin on Time

Fabulous night last night! My pal Pam and I went to see The Jersey Boys at the 5th Avenue Theater. It was amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! I'm ready to go again! I already knew that the music would be great, but the cast members all had incredible voices, the sets and the staging make this a MUST SEE!!! If you don't already have tickets, go, now, scoop some up while you still can! It was the perfect antidote to what had been kind of a crappy week for me.

Have you always hankered to have a grandfather clock, but thought it was a little too "your mother" or "your grandmother" for your taste? The antique grandfather clock has moved into the 21st century! The image of an antique clock is printed onto canvas fabric and hung on the wall. Behind the fabric is a wooden frame and modern clock movement, complete with antique-style hands. It's more than 5 feet tall.

Just a reminder that the Fabulous First Annual Curtsylicious Stocking Stuffer Party is coming up this Thursday, December 13th. We'll be closing the store from 4 - 6PM to haul all of the goodies out of the back room, but we'll re-open the doors at 6 to get the party started. Remember that in addition to all the new loot we'll be putting out, we'll have live entertainment from Curtsy Brother/Son Josh and one of his band mates, Derek. We'll also have some little nibbles to help keep your strength up. We know that parking in this neighborhood can be a headache. Since the employees of businesses in University Village must park off site, many of the available street parking spaces in the neighborhood are taken up. But since they do park off site, there is a large, free parking garage just about a block from the store, not that I would ever encourage you to use said garage and walk up here, but if you thought of it on your own, it would probably be OK.

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