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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tarina Tarantino Bambino

All the little girly girls on your Christmas list will be VERY glad to hear that we just received a big order of Tarina Tarantino Bambino jewelry!! We always come across the problem of little ones coming in to Curtsyland and not wanting to leave until some sparkling Barbie or Hello Kitty goodness belongs to them. It has gotten very ugly in some cases.....we have seen tantrums, tears, false promises by desperate mothers. I completely understand where that little girl is coming from.....I still am that little girl. I definitely cannot say no to anything adorned with Barbie or Hello Kitty....especially not from TT. But I also understand where the wise Mother is coming from in not buying her little princess a pricey piece of jewelry that she might break or lose or not like next week. So to the rescue....the brilliant minds at Tarina Tarantino created the Bambino collection to adorn these little necks and wrists at wonderfully affordable prices.

One of our best selling necklaces for us big girls is the lucite heart toggle necklace that comes in oodles of yummy colors. The Bambino collection includes an adorable little lucite heart necklace on a black cotton cord. And everyone's favorite classic lucite beaded chokers and bracelets come in itty bitty sizes too.

And the absolute favorite of all the little ones is the Pink Head Hello Kitty pieces. We just received more necklaces, bracelets, and rings with our favorite kitty on each of them. The Bambino collection doesn't include any Barbie yet....maybe one day! At least we all have the actual Tarina Tarantino Barbie by Mattel to look forward to!



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