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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mommy Mixer & Mel V

Seattle's second Mommy Mixer is happening tomorrow night at Curtsyland!! It is once again closed to Moms.....there is just too many busy family's desperate for good babysitters! It is still open to sitters.....rush to Mommy Mixer's website to sign up if you are a sitter looking for extra holiday spending money. No worries if you didn't get on the list this time though....we already have a few in the works for early next year. We will of course keep you posted!

We had a customer call today wanting me to put a bunch of Mel V wall tiles on hold. She is giving each of her friends a tile for Christmas in hopes that they will become as hooked as she is and start their own collections. Mel V is a Canadian artist who designs fabulous sculptural wall art tile collections. Many of her collections are inspired by her travels....we have pieces from the Paris Collection, La Dolce Vita, London Calling, Versailles, and a favorite collection with our customers titled The Game of Love. My fav tiles are a pair that each feature one half of a heart with wings on either side. These were inspired by the Richard Lovelace poem "To Althea, from Prison" which peers out from behind the winged hearts.

Mel V tiles are ridiculously addictive....they can be mixed and matched so many ways on every wall in your home. They also look great propped up on mantels or on display in a bookcase. The designer is always coming out with fabulous new designs...keeping your collection forever fresh and growing! Be sure to ask us to peek at the full catalog while you are in the store...there are so many and we can always special order any we don't have in the store.



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