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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wish List

Time after time I hear it... A new customer is checking out and they say "I love your store! I'm not going to tell any of my friends about this place so that I can always have the best gifts!" Now think about it, when you receive a gift, wouldn't you like it to come from your favorite store? Because the Curtsy Girls love you and want you to get everything you deserve, we've created the Curtsilicious Wish List. When you're in the store, checking the names off your list, take a minute to look around and see what you'd like Santa to put under your tree. We'll give you a classy little clipboard with a Wish List attached and while we're wrapping your loot, you can help all the people who want to shop for you. When you've finished putting your heart's desires on the list, give it to one of us and we'll insure that Santa and all his elves have access to the list when it's time to shop for you.

One other thing I wanted to mention. Did you know that Curtsyland is available for private shopping events? We have a group of girlfriends getting together next week, renting a limo and driving up from Olympia. We'll be opening the store just for them (after hours) so they can shop and laugh and talk (and maybe put away a little bubbly).

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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