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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Flora Nikrooz and Mary Green

We got oodles of good stuff in today.....the only ones I got around to unpacking were Florz Nikrooz and Mary Green. Flora Nikrooz makes the most gorgeous lingerie....specifically fabulous bridal lingerie! We starting carrying this line earlier in the year, and our only complaint was that the company didn't offer panties to match the chemises. So I sent a few wishes over to the Eyelash Fairy (I am owed quite a few if you remember....see November 5th blog if not) and VOILA!! We received two beautiful new chemise styles in today that come with matching thongs!! Thank you Eyelash Fairy.

The goodness that arrived from Mary Green is lots of new sleep masks and more stock in styles we already had. I love love love Mary Green sleep masks! They are all silk satin, and are so soft and comfortable to sleep in. Every season Mary Green comes out with lots of fun and fabulous new styles. My favs right now include "Dreaming of Paris"....."Dear Santa, Don't forget the diamonds!"......and one that looks almost identical to Holly Golighty's in Breakfast at Tiffany's! We also have one that works well for men - it has a jolly roger on it and reads "Arr, Don't be bothering me now."

And for the lucky Bride To Be that you plan on spoiling with that Flora Nikrooz set.....throw in a Mary Green bridal sleep mask and garter! We have three styles of bridal sleep masks..."Just Married"....."Love of my Life"....and "Kiss the Bride." And we have four styles of garters - definitely for keeping - they are too pretty to throw! My fav has ostrich feathers with a pearl embellishment.



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