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Friday, December 7, 2007

La Vie Parisienne

T.G.I.F......even though I don't really like the weekends as much because the delivery men don't bring me packages full of new pretty things for Curtsyland. They were very good to us today however....we FINALLY received the Midnight Blackberry Cake diaper bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom. I mentioned before that this one has already been snatched.....a woman tracked us down from Canada desperate for this yummy bag.....I am just glad I got to lay eyes on it before letting it go. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! We will beg and plead to get more Midnight Blackberry goodness in ASAP....let us know soon if you also can't go on living without the most fabulous diaper bag.

We also received lots of small packages...and of course wonderful things come in small packages. The wonderfulness that arrived was new designs La Vie Parisienne jewelry by Catherine Popesco. This jewelry line comes from a workshop the designer built at Au Bout de Reves, on a vineyard in the heart of the Loire Valley, France. All of the jewelry is vintage inspired, rendered from original molds and stampings the designer unearthed in Paris.

The majority of the line we carry is gold....and we just started carrying some designs in silver. The gold pieces have a 14 carat gold antiqued finish over a copper base, and the silver designs are "Old Silver" which is a traditional French method of plating, laying sterling silver over a copper base. The bling pieces have Swarovski crystal and pearls. And one of my favorite features of all the La Vie necklaces are that they have two clasps, allowing you to wear them at two slightly different lengths. Hurry in.....we can never keep this jewelry line in stock!



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