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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lu-lu Love

What a winter wonderland the day turned in to! Our day started out busy busy...but then the snow started falling and I guess nobody wanted to shop anymore....crazies ;-) It gave SarahRose (our fabulous new Curtsy Girl) and I a chance to tackle a very tedious project in preparation for the Stocking Stuffer Party.

The snow was starting to stick a bit north where the Captain and I live....I felt like I was driving home inside of a snow was very pretty. Speaking of snow globes....we have pop up Snow Globe Greeting Cards this year! Designed by our fav pop up greeting card company Up With Paper...they fold flat for mailing and pop up when opened to delight your friends and family!

My favorite line of Christmas cards that I look forward to sending out every year are the fabulous Lu-lu notes by artist Anne Keenan Higgins from Madison Park Greetings. We got our hands on as much Lu-lu goodness as we could this year! We have a Lu-lu wall calendar that is the perfect smaller-than-regular-calendar size, and a desk calendar that is adorable. We have the cutest invites for an Ornament Exchange Party.....and fantastic little Lu-lu shoe and dress ornaments for you to bring to the party. And my favorite....a Lu-lu Wish List! A little notepad filled with lots of pages for you to organize the holiday shopping you need to accomplish. And I suppose it wouldn't hurt for you to fill out a few pages with your wishes and leave them in a very obvious spot for someone to come across ;-)



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