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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our Day in Court

I spent my morning in the King County Courthouse waiting to testify at the trial of the individual who burglarized Curtsyland back in February. Other than my divorce a long time ago, I have never had an occassion to be in a courtroom. It was just like in the movies, there was a judge, a jury, a court reporter and everything (god how much of a hick am I?). I had to watch the video of the burglary several times which was difficult with the burglar sitting right in front of me. It took all my self restraint to not hop over to the defense table and throttle him, but I figured that would probably piss off the judge so I restrained myself.

We're so excited for tomorrow for The First Annual Curtsylicious Stocking Stuffer Party! Remember that we will be closed between 4 & 6 PM to haul all the loot out of the back room. We will not be offering gift wrap tomorrow night, but if you are here and find some wonderful gifts, you can either leave them with us overnight to wrap or bring them back and we'll wrap them at your convenience.

This time of year, so many of us travel across country to be with family over the holidays. A lot of our customers are looking for a gift that will fit in a suitcase or a carry on. This whimsical clock by Ramsay Studios is entitled "Welcome Home" and is just the right size to carry back to that one person who makes home the place you want to return to. We have lots of other gifts that will travel well - just ask! Remember if you are planning on carrying gifts through security they cannot be wrapped.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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