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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Skeem Candles

The Captain's Mom surprised me at Curtsyland today! She now lives down in Olympia, so we do get to see that portion of the Captain's family often.....but it is never often enough!! It was a fabulous start to the day....she got a jump on some Christmas shopping before heading out to meet the Captain for lunch.

We received an absolutely wonderful candle line in today! Skeem candles feature amazing designs on glass scented candles. My fav collection is the Empire pillar collection, which features a modern montage of iconography reflecting the decadence and extravagance of the legendary monarchies. The scents of this collection extend the romantic feel of the candle and include Jasmine Tea, Spice Trade, and Cucumber Elixir.

The Filigree collection features a beautifully intricate lace design that comes in 24 carat gold, platinum, or graphic black ink. The irresistible scents in this collection include Sweet Basalm, Amber Clove and Tea Leaf. The candles in the Empire and the Filigree collections have 90 hours of burn time!

Two other larger lantern candles with a filigree design similar to the smaller ones....the other titled "Specimen" which combine drawings, documentation, and charts inspired by the field journals of Victorian naturalists. The lantern candles have 240 hours of burn time....fab!! And the absolute best part of these candles....once you have enjoyed burning them until they will burn no more, just stick the glass in the freezer to easily remove the remaining wax, then use as drinking glass, pencil cup, vase, anything you fancy!



  • At November 15, 2007 at 6:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Do the Filigree candles all have the same design? Or are they all different? It is so hard to tell from the stock photo! Thanks so much!


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