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Saturday, October 6, 2007

SJP with Timmy Woods!

I know I have told you about how much I adore Timmy Woods handbags.....they are carved out of Acacia wood and come in oodles of fun shapes. At the store right now we have the Lips and the Nail Polish fab! And I am sure you could guess that I religiously followed Sex and the City and have had withdrawals for the past four years every Sunday night. Well......guess what I came across today??!? A pic of SJP carrying a Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower handbag while filming the new Sex and the City movie!! It made my day!!

Yesterday we received a new shipment of our fav little lavender word sachets. Previously we have had the Wedding collection and the Sarcastic collection. With this shipment we now have ones with Birthday and Thank you wishes and the Sweet Sentiments collection.....which I just noticed Curtsy Mama marked with Christmas price stickers...tee hee!! (My Mom was so wonderful at keeping the store looking great while I have been out sick the past two days....I have to give her a hard time about something ;-))These little sachets are perfect for attaching to the top of a present, hanging around the neck of a wine bottle, or hiding somewhere such as a suitcase or a drawer to brighten someones day!!



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