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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Wedding to Plan

Exciting things are happening in the Curtsy Girls lives right now. Several weeks ago (actually while we were in New York at the gift show) Danielle got engaged. The captain flew in to surprise her for her birthday and proposed while they were there as well. We didn't want to spread the word until all of the family members had been told. Last week they embroidered a special towel for the captain's mom and e-mailed her the above picture. Needless to say they received a very excited phone call from her a few minutes later.

The 3 of us had several appointments this morning to look at wedding venues, which was just so much fun! We were standing in one location and the coordinator was talking about the ceremony and I got a huge lump in my throat. I can't even imagine what kind of a mess I will be on the actual day! I'm just so happy for them both. They are a wonderful couple and I know they will have a fabulous and fun marriage.

They haven't yet picked a specific date, but it will be some time next summer. Now, anyone who's ever been in Curtsyland, knows how creative Danielle is, so she will be acting as her own wedding coordinator. She is also uber organized, so many pieces of the Mindy Weiss Wedding Collection will be pressed into service. The Accordion File is a great place to keep some of the many magazine cut outs that she is collection. The Response Organizer will be a real help when it comes to figuring out who's going to be able to join them on their special day. The captain has a huge family, so that alone will be quite a job.

Over the course of the next year, we'll be sharing lots of information and pictures of what is sure to be a special time in our lives.

Curtsy Mama
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